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CAR Platform

CAR Platform this classification trailer designed for transporting gaming transport during the shooting. It has extensive professional kit and expansion of the platform. The design of the mast raises gaming car 21 cm from the ground.

Specifications: Overall length – 5,8m, length without rear addl site – 5.0m (size given in view of the forecourt), interior height (on the track) – 3,85m. The width of the rear addl platform – 0,8 m, width forecourt – 0.7m (center mounted winch). The front area is not removed. The width of the total – 3,6 m, width without Extra-fields – 2,0 m, width inside (on the track) – 1.7 m, width addl site left – 0,8 m, width addl site right – 0.8m. The height of the platform at the track – 19 cm Capacity -. To 2350 kg.